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Short Fiction: Thrillers, paranormal, UFOs, mysteries...

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THRILLER! Novel - Hero or Villain

- paranormal thriller based on a true story!

The sequel is The Relict Chronicles - a serial killer thriller planned to be released in 2015 and will take bookstores and Hollywood by storm! This supernatural thriller is a combination of Dexter, Criminal Minds, Fringe, Millenium, and involves the CIA, FBI, NSA, Interpol.

Excerpt: The Relict Chronicles is the ultimate serial killer diary covering 4000 years of malicious deaths. There's more to The Relict Chronicles than serial killers. The closest guarded secret in the world is under Area 51. Area 51 is the cover story. What lies beneath that so-called government cover up is the really scary part of The Relict Chronicles.


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Jim Williams Anthology of short stories and a novella - 6 books - only 10.00!
Paranormal, UFO, thrillers, mysteries; a real bargain!! My collection of short stories in one book at a great savings. Warning! When you start reading you won't be able to put it down.

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Novelist Jim Williams presents exciting reading:

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Photofinish, a dramatic mystery and romance thriller based on a true story you'll hate to see end that takes you to Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the exciting horse tracks where two writers meet and what evolves is a rendezvous that spawns a story of intrigue, romance, mystery, and a twist that won 2nd place at the Golden Triangle Writers Guild annual conference.

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You will also find UFOs: The Truth; this paranormal, UFO mystery takes you to Black Eagle, Montana, where UFO sightings have been a recent common occurrence. Read about Lucy's encounter, and Willie's discovery: the truth.

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Serpent Of Death, an edge-of-your-seat mystery and romance thriller about a six-year old boy bitten numerous times by the terror of the swamp in Branson, Missouri, water mocassins

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Fiddle Foot is a true "ocean thriller" about terror and ecstasy on the high seas of the Virgin Islands. The author and a friend and fellow sailor make the rounds of the islands but in a very precarious way nearly sinking the boat, and, while scuba diving nearly being swept out to sea in treacherous currents! 

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The Green Door is a mystery about a large, old house with a puzzle that James, an architect and the mansion's new owner, is determined to solve, meanwhile, arriving at the solution amid some comedic but necessary antics.

  A Suspense THRILLER!

You'll hate to see it end - won't believe the ending!

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Hero Or Villain Paranormal thriller puts you on the edge of your seat. A mystery/thriller based on a true story! Julian Barrin has a past that is haunting him; a family history of mental disorder. In an old chest in his parent's attic he discovers a chilling truth.While a student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock majoring in psychology, he is abruptly confronted by his past in a moment of violence he never imagined possible. And the final truth is more shocking than the violence. 



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New Releases - Coming Soon!

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Remember Roswell, N.M.? Profile Of An Alien, a UFO thriller, tells you what happened...and why. The story will haunt you, give you pause, and make you wonder...was it real, and is he still here? This is a sneak preview of Profile Of An Alien - the novel will be finished soon.

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"Mother, I know everything you're thinking..."

Paranomal novel for future release - Unborn Hero a technological thriller; 16-year old Christy is a runaway, still a virgin, has no one in the world to turn to, wakes up strapped to a gurney, and very pregnant! Before she is even born, the tiny half-term baby will be a big surprise to everyone. 

Epic Novel!

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The world has speculated for 51 years who assassinated JFK...and why. Second Chance, a historical and political thriller, soon to be released, reveals facts the rest of the world hasn't even imagined yet. Second Chance


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