About the author

Jim Williams lives in Houston, Texas, and has been a serious writer for 30 years.

He was born in Arkansas fifty miles west of Little Rock in a small town called Morrilton, and is an only child.

He earned his degree in electrical engineering from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and moved to Houston to take advantage of the oil business and meanwhile discovered his writing talent.

In 2008, Jim published Hero or Villain - a paranormal / psychological thriller based on a true story. In 1984 a man entered McDonalds and killed 21 people, wounding 19.

Now he's finishing the sequel - The Relict Chronicles - a serial killer thriller...Jim has enjoyed all episodes of Dexter, Criminal Minds, Fringe, Millenium, and these inspirations have poured into his next novel that includes global political excitement involving the paranormal task force - PTF - of the CIA; all intelligence circles become a networlk for this thriller including the FBI, Interpol, NSA, and the KGB.

Jim attended four conventions of the golden triangle writers guild in Beaumont, Texas, winning second place for short story and finalists several times for works in progress:

DEXI - crossing several genres, time-travel thriller, medical, and political thriller. It's about the Kennedy assassination; the public will enjoy another perspective of the possiblities of a conspiracy that included almost every member of the CIA and the FBI - people who wanted to keep their jobs......and their lives.

Unborn Hero - a sci-fi thriller about a half-term test tube baby conceived in a 16 year old virgin.

He's working on another project called Profile of An Alien about the Roswell UFO landing in 1947.